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"Putting the "MY" back in Mindfulness"

While I started my journey as a teacher, I knew that I wanted to help others in the mental health arena because of my own struggles with anxiety and depression. But in order to truly help others find their MY in their Myndfulness journey, I needed to completely embrace my own experiences.  I know what it feels like to live in darkness, but I also know how empowering it feels to live a more joyful life. Even when life throws you a curveball. Teaching others about how mindfulness can improve their life is MY passion. Helping people, who may have gone through similar experiences, is MY why. And educating others on the importance of self-love is MY purpose. Working through these experiences myself has been MY journey with mindfulness, and I love sharing the importance of why “Myndfulness Matters”. Has the road always been smooth sailing? Absolutely not. But has it been worth it? Absolutely. I know now that I needed to go up against every challenge I encountered so that I could be the best support for the children and families that I work with every day. It brings me great joy to be able to share MY why with others, knowing that a reader out there might be able to relate.

Former Teacher, Published Author, and Lover of Mindfulness

As a teacher for over 19 years working in preschool and elementary school setting, Debbie has first-hand experience as an educator.  She learned when and how to best incorporate mindfulness into activities, group work, and community events. She makes an impact on her community and the lives of others through her own teaching programs, and as a guest speaker at events. 

It was from this love of teaching, while incorporating mindfulness, health, wellness, and her love for giving back, that Myndfulness Matters was born. With every person she encounters, she hopes to help others learn to live life in the here and now, to explore their curiosities, and show compassion and grace to others. Promoting kindness and joy has always been a calling  for Debbie, and she hopes to bring her visions of a better world to fruition by teaching children and their families the impact that mindfulness can have on their overall health and wellness, but also their community at large. 

Debbie is a lover of knowledge and is constantly seeking ways to expand and grow her knowledge base. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in Education from Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah, and received her Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Arizona State University. She began learning the importance of mindfulness within teaching in 2016 when she participated in the Mindful Schools Fundamentals program, Educator's Essentials, Mindful Communications, Difficult Emotions, and their year long certification course. She has completed the Health and Wellness Program at the renowned Southwest Institute, and is a certified Mindful Instructor through Mindful Schools, and is certified in social emotional learning, and the 500 hour yoga program through Breathe for Change. She is registered on the Yoga Alliance and the Mindful Schools recommended certified instructor directory.  She is a published author of children's books, My Mindfulness Matters, Busy Bee Learns to Be, Gus the Grumpy Grasshopper Finds Gratitude, LIlly the Lovable Ladybug, and Mindful Mylie, along with their companion mindfulness acitivity books. 

As a current Mindfulness Mentor, Debbie has found her passion and purpose of working with individuals and organizations to help establish resilience, awareness, and learn about achieving life balance through mindfulness. 

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Mindfulness can bring increased awareness, clarity, compassion and a sense of calm to your life. Check out the video below!

Myndfulness Matters

Myndfulness Matters

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