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We understand that as teachers, good resources are needed at affordable prices!

Myndfulness Matters has made it our mission to help teachers like you bring mindfulness teaching and techniques into the classroom through fun and engaging books that can be read to your children!

Right now, Myndfulness Matters has 7 books available

* Gus the Grumpy Grasshopper Finds Gratitude

* Colby Caterpillar Finds Calm

* Lilly the Loveable Ladybug

* Mindful Mylie

* Busy Bee Learns to Be

* Sammy Spider Speaks

* My Mindfulness Matters

There are also 3 Journals available

* Gus' Gratitude Journal

* Busy Bee's Mindful Journal 

* Lilly's Kindness Journal 

If you were to purchase all of these books via Amazon, it would cost you $150.  We want to give you the entire kit for JUST $99.99!


This book is an excellent tool to teach about mindfulness and gratitude and can even be used in the classroom to illustrate writing examples of alliteration, dialogue, and word choice. It even includes 8 pages of gratitude mindfulness activities! The author has additional mindfulness books that focus on emotions, kindness, calmness, and living in the moment, as well as coordinating mindfulness activity journals. I have read them all and used them with elementary school children.


My son loved this book! It's a great way to teach kids about gratitude and positive thinking. He loves looking at the pictures and talking about what is going on the whole time! This is great for all kids learning about BIG emotions and feelings.

Michelle H.

I love all the mindfulness books from this author. Beautiful writing with cute pictures and activities. I would recommend for everyone to participate.


Get an Author's Visit!


You have the option of having Debbie Chamberlain, Author and Mindfulness Mentor  to come to your school for an Author's Visit, where she will read one of these fun adventures as well as do a corresponding activity with your class!


About Debbie

Debbie is a lover of knowledge and is constantly seeking ways to expand and grow her knowledge base. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in Education from Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah, and received her Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Arizona State University. She began learning the importance of mindfulness within teaching in 2016 when she participated in the Mindful Schools Fundamentals program, Educator's Essentials, Mindful Communications, Difficult Emotions, and their year long certification course. She has completed the Health and Wellness Program at the renowned Southwest Institute, and is a certified Mindful Instructor through Mindful Schools, and is certified in social emotional learning, and the 500 hour yoga program through Breathe for Change. She is registered on the Yoga Alliance and the Mindful Schools recommended certified instructor directory.  She is a published author of children's books, My Mindfulness Matters, Busy Bee Learns to Be, Gus the Grumpy Grasshopper Finds Gratitude, LIlly the Lovable Ladybug, and Mindful Mylie, along with their companion mindfulness activity books. 

Terry D

Love this book! Teaches us to take time for ourselves and to breath and be grateful for what we have. I have given this book as baby gifts along with the other books this author has. Definitely will add all her current books and future to my collection.


Love the message this book shares. This author has many books that share great strategies and messages that I have used with my elementary students. Definitely recommend

Helen M

In this adorable story with cute characters, Grumpy Gus leaves his grumpiness behind when he discovers the super power of GRATITUDE! Your children will definitely get curious about the idea of feeling gratitude in their everyday lives! The author gives the reader some fun ways to practice feeling gratitude! Brilliant!!
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