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Creating a Calm Corner!

Having a comfy, welcoming place to settle can make all the difference when we are trying to manage big emotions. I have a room in my house called the "Peace Place". In it, I have pictures of all the people and places I love, lighted trees, positive quotes, journals, beanbags and soft blankets and fluffy pillows. I love to go in there to enjoy moments of stillness and do activities that bring me joy. In our school, we have a mindful room that has many of the same items. In each classroom, students have access to calm corners. When they need a moment to regulate their emotions, they are able to go there to utilize strategies to help bring them to a place of focus and calm. Many of our students are not in the classroom and are learning from home. Why not create a calm corner in a closet or a corner of their room? Here are some tips for creating a calm corner. Be sure to check out our video "Creating a Peaceful Spot" to hear a story and see items that could be placed in your own Calm Corner.

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