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Debbie is an engaging, confident, and motivated speaker for children and adult events! She offers Author Visits to local elementary schools, community events, and Mindful Presentations to colleges, universities, and other local organizations. To book Debbie for your next event, please look through the below events and fill out the speaking engagement request form below!

Speaking Topics

My Mindfulness Matters by Debbie Chamberlain

Author Visit: My Mindfulness Matters

Children in grades K-3 are introduced to the topic of mindfulness and how it may be incorporated at various points throughout the day by taking mindful moments.


Breathing, heartfulness, self-love, empathy, brain science, and a growth mindset are some of the tools they will acquire for their mindful toolbox.


Children in grades 4-6 are introduced to mindfulness and how to use the writing process to create and publish a story.

Mindful Mylie by Debbie Chamberlain

Author Visit: Mindful Mylie

Get ready to take a deep breath and relax, because children's author, Debbie Chamberlain of Mindful Mylie is coming to your school! With her delightful storytelling and interactive activities, Mylie teaches students the power of mindfulness and how breathing techniques can help manage overwhelming emotions. Through her engaging visit, students will learn valuable tools for self-awareness and self-regulation, leaving them feeling empowered and inspired. Don't miss out on this transformative experience for your students – book Mindful Mylie for an unforgettable author visit today!

Busy Bee Learns to Be by Debbie Chamberlain

Author Visit: Busy Bee Learns to Be

Join us for an exciting and educational visit with children's author, Debbie Chamberlain, as she takes us on a journey through the eyes of Busy Bee. Through her book "Busy Bee Learns to Be," we learn the importance of mindfulness and living in the present moment. With engaging illustrations and relatable characters, children will learn valuable lessons about the importance of self-awareness while also having fun. Don't miss out on this opportunity to inspire and empower children to live mindfully, book your author visit today!

Myndfulness Matters


MYndfulness Matters

This presentation is geared towards adults and consists of an introduction to Mindfulness; what it is, the benefits of incorporating it in the school community, and tools and strategies that can be implemented to help bring awareness, resilience, and balance. After the presentation, participants can join a wellness workshop. The participants are guided through mindfulness skills of breathing, identifying and managing emotions, expressing gratitude, visualization, movement, and goal setting.


After personally experiencing these practices, participants can then become better equipped to incorporate these practices with students and help them learn to use them even when working asynchronously. Through mindfulness, participants become more aware of their feelings to better self-regulate their emotions and ultimately achieve at higher levels 

Gus the Grumpy Grasshopper by Debbie Chamberlain

Author Visit: Gus the Grumpy Grasshopper

 Join Gus the Grumpy and his journey to finding gratitude. Through interactive storytelling and fun activities, students will learn the importance of appreciating the small and big moments in life that bring joy and happiness. This visit is perfect for students of all ages and will leave them feeling inspired to embrace positivity and thankfulness in their daily lives. Book now for a memorable and enriching experience!

Lilly the Lovable Ladybug by Debbie Chamberlain

Author Visit: Lilly the Lovable Ladybug

Get ready to be inspired by the heartwarming story of Lilly the Lovable Ladybug!  In this touching tale, Lilly learns the importance of spreading kindness to those around her, but also discovers the equally important lesson of showing herself love too.  With engaging storytelling, charming illustrations, and thought-provoking topics, this author visit is perfect for children and adults alike.  

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Joanne D.

Debbie presented in a creative and interactive manner with all students. Students loved being an active participant in her

presentation! Teachers were excited to try these new strategies

with their students.

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Stefani H.

"Overall, I would highly recommend Debbie Chamberlain to anyone looking for an engaging and inspiring author and speaker. Her work is a testament to her talent and passion for helping people, and I have no doubt that she will continue to make a positive impact on the world for years to come."
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Daniela A.

“My Kindergarten class so enjoyed the visit we had from author Debbie Chamberlain. The children loved interacting and participating in the story. The message was wonderful and we were left with fun bee stickers to help us all remember what we learned.”

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